Butterfly – Star Dust Nina

I’ve never seen that butterfly.
Would you like me to look it up?
No, don’t.
I feel like we could even tell
that butterfly’s previous life
if we tried and looked.

It’s cool but,
not fun.

Bikes get broken.
Butterflies get lost.
And that’s how things are.

If there’s a stone,
it makes me want to throw it.
If there’s a hole,
I can’t help myself going in.
And I bet I’m not the only one that way.

Hey, Star Dust,
I really really like you.

There goes the butterflies.
Would you like to follow them?
No, I’m getting sleepy.

Why do people sleep?
To continue dreaming, of course.

— Quoted and translated from Star Dust Nina by Satoshi Fukushima